Conventional Section

Admission into Our Conventional Schools

Thank you for your interest in our school. We are delighted to share our school community with you, and our website is a great place to start to explore all that ABH Schools For Science and Technical Education has to offer. ABH Schools for science and technical education DOES NOT offer admission into Graduating classes. Admissions will only be considered after an entrance examination and interview.

The conventional school consists of Nursery Section, Primary Section and Secondary Section
7:45am – 12:30pm
7:45am – 1:30pm
7:45am – 2:40pm
respectively on Mondays – Thursdays. All sections run from 7:45am through 12:30pm on Fridays



Apply online or send your filled application form on our address.



Applicants will then be notified on when the entrance exams will commence.



Eligible candidates will be called for an interview, candidates should come along with necessary documents.